Hair Styling in Glendale CA

Hair Styling in Glendale CA

Hair Styling in Glendale, CA. Best hair styling services near Los Angeles, California at Mazi Salon.

All of the clients of our hair salon in Glendale CA are extremely happy with our services. They say they would never trust another Hair Salon in Glendale.

Why go to anywhere else for hair styling services in Glendale CA? All of the hair products we use are the highest quality on the market, therefore your hair gets the care it deserves. Our stylists & hairdressers know how to take on any desired hair style or look.

We are updated with the newest fashion trends & styles, therefore we can offer our consulting.

Best Hair Styling Near Los Angeles CA

All of the hair styling services we offer are top quality. In addition to our experienced hairdressers, we only use top quality hair products. Many of our customers tell us they would never let another salon style their hair. Give us a try and see the results!

Affordable Prices

Get the most affordable prices on hair salon services in Glendale, CA. We are known for offering the best services at the best prices. Try us today to be amazed.

Blowouts $30-$60

Updos $50-100