Have you ever wondered what the difference of microblading and microshading is? Well I am going to answer that for you!

Microblading is done by cutting hair like strokes into the skin that mimic natural hair flow. It looks awesome because it is so detailed and looks so natural. BUT, if you have super oily skin, or large pores, it’s not a good idea to get your brows microbladed. The reason is that if you have really oily skin and you microblade your brows, 1. It won’t last as long as it would on someone with combination or dry skin and 2. You might not get super crisp strokes. FYI microblading is doable for clients with oily skin, it just depends on HOW oily. On the bright side, that’s when microshading comes along and makes your brow dreams come true.

Microshading is great for everyone! Weather you have oily, dry, or combination skin, microshading will make your brows on fleek! It’s done by a machine and it’s actually less painful than blading. It creates a soft powder effect (does NOT look anything like the old school tattooing did). True, you won’t get the hair-like effect with shading, but you will get softly filled in brows that you will never have to fill in again (well atleast for 2 years).

Either or, they are both great techniques, it just really depends on what look you want to achieve with your brows, and what your skin type is.

Feel free to call me if you have any questions , or stop by and we can discuss what will work best for you.

PMU Artist

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Suzy · May 10, 2019 at 4:27 pm

Thank you for the information I was really wondering what the difference was since both are now popular.

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