food you eat makes a difference on looks

What You Eat Makes A Huge Difference On Your Looks

This is just a quick reminder from Mazi Salon to mention that the food you eat makes a huge difference on your physical appearance in many ways and not just with weight.

Although as women we love to pamper ourselves with makeup and beauty products, we can’t lie and say we don’t want to look naturally beautiful as well. For males its even a bigger difference since most males don’t even use beauty products. At Mazi Salon we’re here to remind you that the food you eat is one of the biggest factors as to how beautiful & appealing you will look to the human eye, naturally without makeup.

Your body is made of what you eat! A majority of the American population don’t care about what they intake in their stomachs. On the other hand, recent studies show that many Americans who actually care about their health are actually mislead into eating foods that can actually make them age faster!

Americans Are Mislead Into Eating Foods That Make Them Age Faster!

Many Americans today in 2017 that are trying to eat Healthy diets are actually eating foods that make them age faster and gain weight without them even knowing it! There are various types of foods that have always been advertised as being healthy for us, but some recent studies disagree.

It has recently been discovered that some of the foods we think are healthy are actually very bad for us in many ways. Some of these foods are making us age much faster and look much older than we should. If we were to substitute these foods with other foods that are anti-aging, we would look naturally more beautiful.

In this article we will give an example of a 1 food that is advertised as being healthy but has recently been discovered as speeding up the aging process.

  1. Modern Day Wheat

Wheat is advertised as being such a healthy food, but modern wheat has recently been discovered to be otherwise.

According to recent discoveries, wheat is horrible for human health in very many different ways in which you would have never imagined!

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Stay Tuned!

In our next article we will be going more in-depth into the reasons as to why wheat is extremely horrible for our health! We will also be giving more examples of foods that are advertised as healthy that actually are not!

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